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tv   News Ch8 Mid- Day at 11AM  NBC  October 5, 2016 11:00am-11:55am EDT

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oktoberfest with a little bit of brat tossing. >> the news is next. have a great day. >> that's right. have a goo start good morning, thank you for joining us. we want the very latest on hurricane matthew p expect to see the high north bahamas pick it has strengthened with winds of 120 miles power. it had we can temporarily as it interacted eastern portion cuba but now it is back over the warm waters of the atlantic and industry any p or here's the latest forecast, the category 3 which is expected be a category 4 hurricane off of the miami coastline tomorrow evening.
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it will take it more than a day before it gets close the florida . it will be dangerously close to the cape canaveral area. 130 pound time 30 mile-per-hour winds -- 130 mile-per-hour winds pick 40 miles offshore we will do with hurricane force winds pick jacksonville saturday morning. as opposed to taking it due north the system is really starting to drift more out into the atlantic. local effects: we still have tropical storm watches for sumter, poke and highland county -- polk and highland counties. the yellow area with how far out the strong winds extends.
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hour. watches we go to time: tomorrow evening we're still not expecting the worst weather to come through. today is a normal day. tomorrow will be breezy look at this friday morning that is when we can feel those tropical storm force winds . these are forecast wind gust as we head through the next couple of days -- i think my graphics might've frozen up but i will for you as well as rain off we will feel from the storm coming up strike her came matthew is a very slow-moving storm. it's path can shift of it. the entire state under a state of emergency, but it is the east coast that will get the broth of the storm in florida -- brunt of this florida . the governor urging everyone to be on alert. we're monitoring what is going
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>> reporter: and brevard county, those who live on barrier islands when flood prone areas are being told to evacuate. governor is worried about complacency especially in south florida which hasn't been a major hurricane and 11 years. >> with the storm going up the coast a small deviation in direction could go up along the florida coast. hit. coast guard has been activated. several shelters are already opened. there is concerned about prolonged power outages. schools along the east coast have canceled classes for the rest of the week. the polk county school district says it may close on thursday and friday. an announcement about that will be made today. schools would use their automated telephone system to notify parents and will also
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media. news channel it will pass that information along as well as soon as we have it. a lot of people are preparing for the storm stocking up on essentials like bottled waters -- bottled water in batteries. you can see the long line at east coast gas stations as well in the harbor at poor canaveral plans to close this afternoon to crews and cargo ships as well as recreational and commercial fishing boats. one more thing, major road construction has been halted along the interstates including in our area just are mass evacuations require the hurricane matthew track is going right off the coast of south carolina as well. traffic is bumper-to-bumper as people evacuate those coastal areas. take a look this is interstate 20 6 and it is nothing but brake lights as thousands try to get out of
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the governor declared a state of emergency we and does expect lane reversals go into effect this afternoon. right now travel troubles also a bigger concern is hurricane matthew gets closer to our state. we have more on how temp international airport is adjusting.>> reporter: several airlines are already waiting change fees for flyers headed to an impacted. make room for matthew: delta, united, jeff luc, and american already offering to waive change fees for travelers heading to and from some areas in the us that could be impacted. hundreds of miles of coastlines could be impounded taking aim at united states's east coast. >> protecting life is the number one priority. if matthew directly impacts florida there will be massive
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this is a deadly storm approaching our coasts. i cannot stress that enough. don't focus on the storm path, focus on the fact that with the minor deviation it can have a direct impact on our state. >> reporter: dave lives in boynton beach but is sticking on this side of the state before hurricane matthew is long gone. >> we have a housesitter. he supposed to take everything out that could fly around and then take the furniture but we are concerned. >> reporter: people are worried -- about where to get to but also where they will stay. >> reporter: tampa airport representatives say they don't know what impact if any hurricane matthew could have but that they are monitoring the weather closely so that they are prepared as possible. earlier this week the state department issued a travel warning to citizens traveling outside of united states to areas that could be impacted by hurricane matthew like jamaica
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of course if you are flying this week you want to be sure to check with your airline before you head out to the airport. matthew's track could shift to stand top of that storm team 8 will keep you updated on any changes. parts of the caribbean are already dealing with the devastation left behind by hurricane matthew. take a look at this video from haiti. you can see the flooding and the destruction there. at least 11 people are dead and th island was especially hard hit. this is the worst natural disaster to hit haiti since the powerful earthquake of 2010. matthew passed over cuba's eastern tip and really hammered that island's southeast coast. in hours before the storm hit, people in santiago appeared for the worst bordering up homes and businesses. we will have new video for from
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on lockdown because of an escaped convict. this man you see escaped from custody near the school. the sheriffs office needs your help finding him here key does have violence in his history. he has been arrested before on battery charges. if you see him, you are asked to call 911 immediately. right now the funeral for 6- year-old jacob paul is underway -- jacob hall is underway south carolina. friends and family members are saying goodbye to the little boy that was shot and killed at school. you're taking a look at video where the funeral is being held . his family wanted a special tribute to focus on what he loved, superheroes. many dressed in superhero costumes and t-shirts as requested by the family. also jacob himself also was just in his favorite superhero costume today. another south carolina funeral is postponed because of hurricane matthew. funeral services for keith lamont scott
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charleston are postponed indefinitely as the region prepares for the storm. his death cause violent protest for days even prompt and take -- prompting an emergency declaration. there are hundreds up for grabs, career jobs up for grabs at a careerfair in tampa. more than 20 employees are hoping to fill positions in healthcare, information technology, sales, manufacturing and much more. this is happening at until 3. veteran jobseekers will receive priority. bring plenty of resumes, dress appropriately and be prepared for any views on the spot. this morning millions of kids walk to school to take part in international walk to school day. we caught up with some right here in the bay area. groups of students and parents walked to school. some parents told us they were nervous but excited. today is all about teaching students the rules of the road and to create
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awesome. i was told to expect a little over 100 but we had well over 100 students participating and i still see more students coming in so we are so thrilled with the turnout.>> you will also want to keep an eye out for them this afternoon because it will walking -- will be walking home so please be careful as schools let out in a few hours. there is another opportunity to walk in that is the 2016 heart walk. news channel dollars but we need your help. kia is generally matching the first $50,000 we raise. every dollar you donate counts us to. the walk is november 12. it is easy to join the team and donate. go to . it is the same old scam but many still fall for.
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good morning, we're back here. we actually have something pretty exciting, very timely given the fact we have a hurricane -- so we get look at matthew . >> that is right here? have been telling you all about this for quite some time. it is finished and we are excited to show it to you. yes, it is very timely that we will be able to track hurricane matthew as it heads off the florida's east coast over the next several days and really giving you inside look. theaters, max defender 8 -- here it is folks, max defender
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in the eastern portions of highland county, but again as we get closer to matthew off the east coast, notice where our radar stream is. we can see this just offloaded's east coast. while we watch the eye possibly coming onshore near florida's east coast we will be able to track that with max defender 8. it is something we are very excited about. is that it has to come are watching a hurricane but we are glad we can give you so much information about it. nellis focus on what is happening now. today we are not expected to seek much of the weight from the effects of matthew. it has been cloudy all day, 86 degrees by 1 pm about a 30 percent chance at 4 pm, 89 degrees and 82 degrees at 7 pm. showers are still linking -- lingering around. we still have the clouds around so it's not as hot as it was yesterday. there is matthew
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toward the bahamas. the latest forecast updated just came down a few moments ago is a category 3 merging -- major hurricane with winds 120 miles-per-hour. it is expected to strengthen by tomorrow evening back to a category 4 hurricane. it is dangerously coast -- close to the southeast portion of florida . during the day thursday night into friday morning this is going to be so very close to possibly making landfall in the cape. when that is here we should be able to track that very closely and give you that inside information asked what is happening at that point. as it moves up the east coast toward the carolinas, big change with this forecast versus what we were seeing yesterday. opposed to this moving all the way up to the north east coast it will extend back out into the atlantic. the effects, watch what happens, it is cloudy but mostly dry for the next several hours.
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not by much. storms pushed east-west by about a 30 percent chance. that we will turn our attention to matthew as it tracks northwest through the bahamas. through the day winds will get stronger, but remember we will be on the dry side of this. we could see heavy rain from places like pulp county over to the east coast.-- polk county over to the east coast. the east coast could see 4 to 5 inches of rain easily today, tomorrow and friday. places like polk county could see 2 to 3 inches and them one to 1 1/2 inches near the coastline. i want to show you the computer models as they are all in agreement: a big change that has happened to the computer model shows some recurring a closer to the bahamas. that is something that we will watch long-term. it is warm and a bit breezy, 89
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-- if we can get sunshine to pop through here . when i say increasing rain chances for places east of i 75 and then we will dry out as we head into sunday and monday. we talk about the strength of max defender 8 and 1 million watts. that is the thing he can go from our radar site in hillsboro county and look all the way across the state. in this case it means we will be able to track -- right around the eyewall of ic >> for people -- we talked about max defender 8 a lot , but for people who might not know how big of an improvement is this over what we previously had? >> it is lease and bounds. the foremost television station radars rc band -- are see been
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signal. now we have a s band radar and we can see that. >> previously was only used by the military. >> we just debuted it but we will be using it a lot over the next several days especially because of hurricane matthew. this morning better call behken looks at questions she gets asked the most. should -- >> every day i received calls from people at the receiving end of the irs bone scan --
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demand payment for back taxes often payable through sport -- store gift cards. nancy writes i received 2 phone calls today saying i needed to call the irs and not to ignore them. from kenneth, someone called my home several times stating they are the irs starting a lawsuit against me. i call the number several times to request that my number be removed from their calling list. from peter in tampa received my 2nd call. it was a recording claiming i all the irs and if i don't call back i will be arrested. these colors are persistent, but i can't stress enough the irs will not call taxpayers, use email, or social media, and they would never demand immediate payment especially with gift cards. so, what can you do to stop these scammers, call the irs and give them as much
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them. if you have a problem that needs solving you better call behnken the numbers on your screen. now a consumer alert for you , more than 2 1/2 million units of arts and craft tempera and finger prints -- paints are being recalled. they may contain harmful bacteria. you should stop using these paints immediately. art for full refund. they were sold nationwide at hobby lobby, walmart and other stores but some also bought them online through amazon and sergeant's own website from may 2015 through last year. yahoo is at the center of a major email google, facebookrtw all deny that they scam users on behalf of the us government
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did so. reuters say yahoo build a software system scam all you -- scan all emails first -- for specific words and phrases . it was built without the knowledge of the yahoo security team and that led to the departure of the chief information security officer. coming up, one of the most popular superhero movies today just received the title of deadliest movies of all time. album from the rolling stones? if you follow them on twitter the answer seems like a yes.
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the rolling stones are living legends but they haven't had an album out in 11 years old that might change tomorr. over the past 11 days they have
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there long awaited collection of chicago blues coverage will appear this week. the videos are accompanied by the text that reads coming october by the text that reads coming october 6. fans will keep an eye on their twitter feeds and solely. on to this pop and country music icon, taylor swift getting in on the super bowl action -- that the halftime show , but the pregame party sponsored by at&t is where she ll game is part of her multiyear deal. she also has sponsorship deals with apple and diet coke. disney and marbles guardian of the galaxies just turned a pretty grim accolade. it is a deadliest movie of our time -- of all time in the competition was in close. it has 83,871 on-screen deaths . that is due to the killing of 80,000 noble corp.
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the website go compare counted up the casualties on some of the best films since the 1940s and guardians was first in nearly 79,000 deaths ahead of it's nearest competitor which is dracula untold. >> that is pretty surprising because guardian of the galaxy almost a comedy. >> i haven't watched it. the jury is still out on who won last night presidential debate picture plus, as hurricane matthew birls closer -- barrels closer to the florida's coast we still look ahead as even late in the hurricane season is no time to
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wife: our electric bill just keeps going up and up... we're doing everything we can... but it looks like duke energy's not doing theirs. husband: paying for a plant that's never going to be built is just ridiculous. narrator: the duke utility tax is costing florida families. yet congressman david jolly does nothing.
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power plant that could never be built. wife: someone needs to stand up to duke energy. narrator: house majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. good morning, thanks for staying here with us. we want
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matthew and our meteorologist is keeping an eye on the storm. you can see the i will north of cuba headed toward the bahamas actually moving northwest at 12 miles-per-hour. it is picking up a little bit of forward speed with maximum sustained winds of 125 miles- per-hour . unfortunately it will continue to strengthen over the next 48 hours. you can see this is thursday evening, 130 miles-per-hour winds , category 4 hurricane just awful it will parallel the coast right along the cape canaveral area by friday morning but still category 4 130 miles power. any wobble just a little bit to the west would mean a landfall in category 4 hurricane. at this point we expected to parallel the coast then head out toward the jacksonville area that eventually off the carolina coast and pushing more out into the atlantic ocean. tropical storm watches continue for sumter, highland and polk
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within 48 hours not 24 hours because these are the tropical storm force winds a notice this is tomorrow evening and they still are not here. is not until friday when we expect to seek polk, highland, maybe the pasco and citrus seeing some of the stronger wind gust. i also want to show you more specific as far as the wind speeds are concerned: starting tomorrow morning -- tomorrow morning will be breezy for you . it will not be intense but you will notice m as we head through the evening when we get 30 mile per hour wind . the strongest winds will be on the east coast . look at this, friday morning, 43 miles- per-hour at lakeland and bartow . that is tropical storm force which is why you have the tropical storm watch in place. all the computer models are consistent staying right along florida's east coast. the issue, after that once we had into sunday off the
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storms with this back around towa the bahamas -- with this back around toward the bahamas . that we will watch longform -- long-term. we on the dry side of the storm. flooding for most of the tampa bay area will not be a big issue. after matthew we bring in less humid air starting on saturday. we will talk more about what we coast.> hurrorma es is off the seen in more than a decade. >> and it is very possibly kill -- couldil along our stay's short. even a slight deviation could be catastrophic. some eastern coastal counties are already evacuating while others e stockiwater, gas -- there you have it, sandbags are activated for search and rescue. e rrentlon standby. the governor is urging everyone to be on alt.
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lafawilldo? f it hit regardless if there is a direct hit or not the impacts will be devastating. having a plan in place could mean the diffence etween life and death. >>several shters has already open -- havelready open to accommodate pets and famili power outages much like we hawith hurrine the east coast are already canceling cassis -- classes for the rest of the week. with this hurricane passing along the east side it is a vivid reminder that we are still in hurricane season. >> lee is here to let you know why hurricanes should be at the top your mind. the lastme tam bay was struck by a hurricane was back in 1921 with interesting thing is it happened on october 25, in the ason. don't b
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october is a very vulnerable time for us. >> anything that looks like it is coming into the gulf of >> reporter: hurricanes are the kind of things that keep sally bishop up at night. >> here in the pinellas county operation -- emergency operation center . >> reporter: during a storm shield leaders from all over the county can be in this category 5 rad fortress o ad in ro over the telephone. is bishop has one messe for you it is this, stay prepared for storms even as a gets cooler . >> it is actually the month to be the most prepared for hurricane season as far as i'm concerned because it is our best opportunity to see a big storm land on the west coast of florida. >> reporter: here's why: the strong atlantic high pressure can steer hurricane from the warm waters of the caribbean and golf allowing the storm to strengthen. what makes october unique is
11:36 am
of mexico and can quickly turn a stortowa thewe of florida. what can they be doing now in october to ay ready? >> besides the fact making sure that there kids is still intact -- kit is still intact, i am thinking it is a good time of year to go out and lookat som of the digger projects you want to tackle. >> reporter: new roofs, garage doors, window coveris and do- it-yourself options. >> reporter: there are more and more do-it-yourself that a homeowner can manage themselves. obviously wanted make sure you have time for those projects. wind in october and november can develop in the caribbean. one mo note, hermine was a great reminder that we don't need a direct hit to have a big impact from any storm in the gulf. hurricane season does continue until the end of november. i had are you plan to do the
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that october is still prime season for hurricanes. >> it is easy to move on to pumpkin spice lattes and sweater weather, but now we have matthew and we are not out of it yet. >> throughout the entire month of october as i mentioned the hurricane in 1921 had been on the 25th the hurricane in 1921 had been on 25 october. >> we can't let our guard down. overnight hurricane matthew hit the southeastern portion of cuba. this is some brand-new video coming in from the island media suggest the island did not suffer especially severe damage. the government has traditionally made extensive efforts to cope with hurricanes and authority spent days organizing volunteers to get new infoatn about a and secure. massive sewage spilled in pinellas county. utilities department is
11:38 am
you are now using pumping trucks to transport the waste to the nearby sewage treatment plant. while workers e fixing the situation the county has a warning for nearby residence: >> the immediate concern is for anyone coming into direct contact with the sewage that is why we are asking our residents , if they were directly impacted in their backyard we're asking them to refrain from going into their backyard. as it'll be safe once again. the county is also asking residents to limit their water repaired. crews hope to have the issue resolved in the next day or so. in your vote democrat: -- in your vote: democrat vice president and republican vice president they stop.
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tried to paint the clinton and tim kaine taken as polished politicians meanwhile, tim kaine hit on donald trump's controversies. >> you can have somebody at the top to do means everything -- that he talks about. >> hillary clinton called half of donald trump's supporters the portables. spent donald trump is committed to restoring the borders of this nation. >> on the economy there is a fundamental choice for the american electorate. to want a higher president and hillary clinton or you're fired president and donald trump. >> a cnn poll declared mike pence the winner at 40 percent compared to tim kaine's 42 percent. the spotlight returns to the
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clinton face-off in there next debate -- their next debate on
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available at dillard's we continuep >> we are also debuting max defender 8 which is a giant sized radar something the government had before we did. it gives us a longer reach. >> this technology is so much more powerful. it can see thunderstorms. before there was a radar site and a storm, if there was another storm you wouldn't have been able to analyze that storm. when you think about hurricanes that is rounds of storms. now we see all the way through
11:44 am
this point while we are talking about matt being on the east coast eventually. we will be able to use max defender 8 to give you an inside look at that form -- storm so we know where the worst wind are and the potential for flooding than things like that. it is a big tool. we have been working diligently to get it on the air. unfortunately, it is coming when we do have the potential of bad weather to track. let me show you max defender 8. there you see it right now. it is ou that is how far we can see. thankfully we don't have a lot of rain on the radar. we do have a little air in here down around the sebring community and then over toward the east coast we have some rain in there. as the day progresses i do expect the rainfall to continue so be sure to take -- to an end 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 tonight and we will be sure to check max defender 8 for you. as we get closer to the hurricane will show you this more and more.
11:45 am
starting to see the clouds break up. it had been a very cloudy morning so we have some blue sky now hitting up to 80 degrees. are forecast at 1 pm mostly cloudy around 86 degrees. look at these pockets of clouds with a 30 percent rain chance at 4 pm, 89 and 82 degrees at 7 pm. now that we're breaking the sun out we're warming things up. 82 sarasota. 85 sebring. hurricane matthew is expected to gain some strength over the next 36 hours. this is mo 130 miles-per-hour . we do have hurricane warnings along the east coast meeting hurricane force winds are expected within 30 within 36 hours. it will go right past the cape canaveral communities. we will be able to track that intensely with max defender 8 come friday morning with winds at 130 miles- per-hour . anything to the west will now only increase our
11:46 am
the east coast. it is obviously something we will have to watch closely. any deviation could mean bigger affects or less affects. we will see long-term the system curves back out into the atlantic. a lot of these radars take it out into the atlantic summer turning around into the bahamas. the european commuter model -- computer model is one it gets closer to miami winds increases. rain will increase depending on where you are. east of i 75, polk county, highlands county, a lot more rain for you on friday. we're still on the dry side so places like tampa not getting as much rain. this moves on the carolina coast before making the strange loop ck toward the bahamas.
11:47 am
notice the rainfall potential over the next several days through friday evening. an inch 2 ineson the stcoast foot on the east coast. otty storms. 30 percent rain chance is on sdbrg that up a little bit especially for areas like polk and highlands county. we will dry out as we head into sunday and monday. with that loop happening in some of those computer models we may talk about this into next week. not all computer models are saying that for some of the notit back further to we look the south.>> it will be interesting in the beginning of next week. >> yes, stay tuned with this on. >> you have said that for days and it has changed quite a bit in the last 48 hours they really have to keep an eye on this pack --. now a medical report this
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the bedtime >> some foods are better than ever -- others . serial, coffee and pizza can aggravate your sleep cycle. no, you can have the leftover e indde y thos blood sugar and with your sleep. also you want to cut out any caffeine 6 hours before bedtime . you probably know you should have caffeine before bedtime but 6 hours before did you know that. what nutritious this -- nutritionist have to say. >> alcohol is one that many drink to get you to go to sleep and it doesn't tight initially but it definitely messes with your sleep patterns. you do not sleep as well and as deep. >> we have to have sleepy time t instead. as for foods that are high acidic or higher in fat to make your digestive track
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minutes neck try fruit or vegetable. have you ever heard -- snap try a group -- try or a vegetable. >> have you ever had pain of trying to exercise. >> there are simple moves trending on pantry is to help pinterest to help you ease back pain. >> a lot of it has to do with pelvic alignment.>> that pilates by dena she shows how easy it is to do the three-way hip stretch. first, align yourself on the mat. >> keeping your pelvis in you
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>> as you exhale nice and easy lengthening the lead up to the ceiling we then want to start a 90 degree angle first so that you can make sure the pelvis is in good alignment. from here you really don't need to pull the lead close to the body to increase the stretch. you can just flex the heal up to the ceiling to elongate and that will give you the stretch and through the cavs. >> you will hold each move for 30 to 60 seconds breathe and relax. >> working with the muscles are like working with clay. it takes time. you have to warm them up. you have to be gentle with them not straining, not bouncing, next, guide your leg across her body. >> we're changing up the stretch to hit the outside of the sigh 295. >> hold it for 30 or 60 seconds and then stretch the inner side -- by -- thigh. said do you
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>> a simple stretch to ease the tension in your back so you can place your day. until next week happy pinning. it might take a few tries before you get your leg that had . are you going to give it a try? >> i am. i do have back pain. we sit a lot. >> you can check it out. she put up more exercises. you can find this guide on her pinterest board. i've been thinking... this might be the one thing in the world you pull apart to come together. new papa john's cinnamon pull-aparts
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try our new cinnamon pull-aparts for just 6 bucks.
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sometimes it is just better to forgive and forget. >> sometimes it takes patience to do that; right? take a look at this church community in
11:55 am
presbyterian church but accidentally remove the roof of a baptist church a block away workers realize they were on the wrong group when a delivery driver noticed the address of his delivery didn't match where the workers were taking off the roof. the pastor of the baptist church chalks it up to beina good lessoin the power of forgiveness. >> as the bible says, your sins will find you out. your mistakes will come back to you if you don't own them up. >> the contractor says it was an honest mistake and he will finish the job that he mistakenly started. >> if you're going to pull the roof off the wrong building you might as well be in church. you have the built-in forgiveness. >> they give -- get a new roof out of it . as we head through the see strong winds . i want to tell you the tropical storm watches for polk, sumter and highland county have just been upgraded
11:56 am
will happen sooner. we knew that would happen as the storm moved closer. we knew we would go from 48 hours down to 36 hours and that is basically all the upgrade means. tropical storm force th- hour or high nile -- now expected in those counties shaded in orange for the next 36 hours. tomorrow is not a big deal but by tomorrow night into friday morning that is when we can see tropical storm force winds even in places west of i 75 like tampa, st. petersburg, wesley chapel, it is still 20 to 30 miles-per-hour winds. we will watch that thursday into friday. ink you for joining us. >> i will see you tonight at 4
11:57 am
marco rubio has the worst attendance record of any florida senator in 50 years. but it's even worse when he shows up. he's voted for a plan that would so and has said social security is "bankrupting our country" and has "weakened us as a people." he wants to eliminate the department of education... and has voted for billions in education cuts. marco rubio. it's bad when he misses work. it's worse when he shows up.
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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. ? this is my heartbeat song ? >> all right, everybody. you have made it to wines day wednesday, october 5th, and that is -- ? up, up, up, all night long ? >> kelly clarkson right in our kitchen with us. >> kelly, a bad girl on seth last night. >> i know. >> you were so bad. >> was she? >> i love him. >> he loves you. everybody loves you. what we love about you, though, you just say it, you don't give a rip. >> i love that part of you.


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